I discovered my aptitude for teaching from my very first part time post in 1961. I was fortunate to be awarded a Post Graduate Scholarship by Manchester College of Art and qualified for my Ministry of Education registration during the same year and started teaching at Chester School of Art.

A move to the Northeast began a fulfilling part time teaching career in Higher Education and for four years I was also a BTEC moderator in the Northwest of England. My part time teaching continued for ten years mainly teaching at Colleges and Universities in the region.  Later I moved to the Southeast of England where I continued teaching in Buckinghamshire. I became a tutor for the SBA Distance Learning Diploma Course since its inception in 2005.

I have frequently held art courses from my home and at local colleges and community centres and I ran several painting holidays in France and Italy and now I occasionally give private tuition to students or hold group classes locally. I also held master classes in Sydney, Australia. Each year I act as mentor for two carefully selected Course graduates, who illustrate the covers for the de Jager Bulb catalogues.

Many of my past students now hold prestigious positions in the field of design. My experience led to running a number of master classes for design studios in the UK and in Sydney, Australia. 

For five years I was part of the examining board for the now defunct BTEC course monitoring the standard of textile courses at colleges in the Northwest of England. 

I helped write the original validation document for the Textile design course at High Wycombe College, now Buckingham University.

I have been a tutor for the SBA Distance Learning course since it began, and I select and mentor graduates to design the de Jager bulb cover for their sponsor de Jager bulbs. I occasionally advise on portfolios for students entering college.

If you are interested in booking group classes in locations in Suffolk, maximum 10 students. Please contact me.

Sandra has been a wonderful tutor to me over the past two assignments and I really appreciate the support she has given me